Testimonials/Success stories

 Lucky – Owned by Hannah Powney



Hannah was looking for a new horse, thankfully Lucky actually chose Hannah !!  (our old groom) when we went to see a few racehorses at a trainers yard who were looking for a quieter life. Lucky , an ex-hurdler turned out to be a very quick learner, loved his jumping and took to flatwork well too and was such a kind chap, I am so pleased for Hannah and whats she has achieved with him getting placed in dressage and jumping clear rounds at 2’6/2’9 .

”   When looking for a horse I was very lucky to have Tara helping me, she came with me to view ‘Lucky’ twice (even though we couldn’t ride him!), and said that she would help me retrain him and that he could stay at her yard for as long as needed, she even took me to collect him.

When we got ‘Lucky’ back to Taras yard she let him settle in before doing anything with him, and rode him first for me!.  Tara was great, always happy to help – without Tara I would not have got my beautiful horse ‘Lucky’.

Tara still asks after ‘Lucky’ and pops over to see him whenever she can, and if we have any problems is more than happy to help us.

Thank you so much Tara, love Hannah & Lucky xx  ”  Hannah Powney – Lucky “What Luck”

Tigger  – Owned by Kate HighamTigger

” I had owned my ex-racehorse for three testing years. He was becoming more and more difficult to ride, and handle on the ground. I had experienced a few falls too many during his explosions, and had got to the point of debating his future. Tara had mentioned in her advert that she had experience with retraining racehorses, so I thought we would try her first before making the difficult decision to sell. She came to assess him (and me) first, and watched him being handled and ridden. She gave me some lessons on him, and suggested that a two week bootcamp at her yard would be the best for him. He stayed at her yard where Tara worked on his issues.

Tiggy WigsHe performed so well that he decided tostay. We had a much better relationship after this, and we were back to happily hacking out on our own, and he even managed to try jumping which he took to easily. I would recommend Tara for any ability rider or horse, however she works wonders on nervous riders, or riders like myself, who had lost confidence in my horse. Not  only did I get my fun horse back, but I regained my confidence and enthusiasm.”  Kate Higham – Tiggers owner


Bally - Bannister LaneBally came to Park Farm on full livery shortly after being purchased by his new owner, at 12 yrs old he had chased and even jumped around the Grand National Fences coming 3rd in Aintree’s Sefton Race and winning the military race at Sandown. Following being sold on to a point to point rider he was sold on again to a dealer who his owner had bought him from. Sadly he had got into some bad habits which was rendering him a hopeless case but luckily he was bought by someone who sought help. He was terrified when he first came to us, thats after we spent and hour trying to load him, followed by a quick dash home and a pretty young filly on the lorry made all the difference.. within a few days he was loading alone no problems in fact by the time he left was leading in others. He forgot all about his problems, had his back, teeth and feet checked and sorted and started a basic fittening program and within 6 weeks came 4th in his first ever dressage test.   Bally_summerhouseHe was a natural on the flat. Following this success we started jumping and i was amazing by how very brave he was over the show jumps.. and careful. I got in touch with the McCains who trained him and apparently he was show jumped as he didnt like to jump train with the other racehorses !!! Numerous outings to rectory farm arena saw him jumping over 3’6 courses clearing everything, video on one of his first outings: