Livery Services – Horse Care, Riding & Training Schooling Livery in Wiltshire

 Rider - Schooling, Hacking, Backing, Starting, Retraining Racehorses, TB Bloodstock flat/ jump schooling) –  £20 p/hr (Multiple horses/ day rate available)


(Park Farm Only) Part (am/pm Care)  Livery –   Stable, Bring in / Turnout, Hay and Feed, Mucking out in am or pm , Use of all weather arena/indoor arena/Round Pen £85 p/wk  (Owner comes once per day only, rides, skips out, maintains clean and tidy stable, exercises horse , supplys feed) 

(Crudwell) Full (Non Ridden) Livery –   Stable, Turnout, Hay, Bedding, Mucking out am /pm , skipping out during day, turnout , bring in horse, full care of horse, Use of all weather arena/horsewalker, tacking up and turnout for exercise  £150 p/wk (owner comes to ride when they want to, horse brought in / turned out as requested and available readily digested for them when required to ride )

(Crudwell) Full Ridden Livery –   Stable, Turnout, Hay, Bedding, Mucking out, Full care or horse, full exercising, Use of All weather arena, Lunging, Backing, Schooling, Retraining of Racehorses, competition riding, hunters, fitness work (excludes competition expenses, diesel, supplements)  From £180 p/wk  depending on requirements/ level.

Rehab, Rehabilitation and Recuperation price depending on requirement. From £180p/wk

Other Services

Clipping Service – from £40

Round pen Hire(Park Farm) –  £5 p/ 30 mins – Lunging your horse for you £10 / 20-30 mins

Treatments available for horses/ owners onsite at Livery

Trixie Williams - Acupuncture (Equine) & Homoeopathy (Horse and Rider):

Winston Williams – Chiropractic Treatment (Horse and Rider) Acupuncture (Human) :

H and D Massage: Equine Massage: