Livery Services – Horse Care, Riding & Training Schooling Livery in Wiltshire

At Present Tara has a full team of competition horses and is now downsizing the horses in work who are not competing to concentrate on the current competition horses and coaching for 2019 which promises to be a fantastic fun year.

Although I currently have no space for further liveries at Uffcott at this time please do get in touch as there are multiple top level riders based at Uffcott and I am also happy to discuss riding horses being kept at home, schooling and coaching riders up the levels on their own horses.

Full Competition Livery  (Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventing)

Full (Non Ridden) Livery –   Stable, Turnout, Hay, Bedding, Mucking out am /pm , skipping out during day, turnout , bring in horse, full care of horse, Use of all weather arena/horsewalker, tacking up and turnout for exercise  (owner comes to ride when they want to, horse brought in / turned out as requested and available readily digested for them when required to ride )

Full Schooling/ Competition Livery –   Stable, Turnout, Hay, Bedding, Mucking out, Full care or horse, full exercising, Use of All weather arena, Lunging, Backing, Schooling, Retraining of Racehorses, competition riding, hunters, fitness work (excludes competition expenses, diesel, supplements).


Treatments available for horses/ owners onsite at Livery

Trixie Williams – Acupuncture (Equine) & Homoeopathy (Horse and Rider):

Winston Williams – Chiropractic Treatment (Horse and Rider) Acupuncture (Human) :