Meet the Team

Tara Williams


Trixie Williams (Tara’s Mum, Owner and Team VET )


Tia Ikonen (Tara’s Apprentice)

I’m a 16 year old rider born in Wiltshire. I’ve ridden horses all my life due to coming from a very horsey family and I recently made a move to Devon where I found a pure love for showjumping and I started competing more seriously. I own and ride a 15.2hh Connemara called Blu, who I hope to affiliate bs this year (2019) and hopefully get him jumping discovery by the end of the year.

Winston Williams ( Team Chiropractor)

Simon Watkins (Farrier)

Simon has been shoeing the horses for many years and we are very grateful for all his help and support, especially in those times of need ! Simon has done some fantastic corrective work especially on some horses who have arrived with major issues and has been able to rectify issues .


Stuart Philpott (Equine Dentist)

Stuart has been attending to the horses dental needs for many years now and has been a great help with horses with particular issues relating to contact, helping with bitting advice as well as no gos for certain mouth and dental conformations


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