Kara Gregory Sports Massage and Injury Therapy

Kara Gregory Sports Massage and Injury Therapy

Kara has kindly sponsored Tara for a number of years now, keeping Tara in one piece

“Sports Massage is hugely beneficial to all riders- take note !
I have regular treatments which keep my body going! Think how much the legs are in use the way we rotate through the pelvis the hip joints , using the seat bones, etc The way they are persuaded into the right position in the dressage saddle etc.
I have gone from  (pre Kara ) when I was almost unable to walk after riding, getting horrendous cramps in my hip and bum mid dressage test, avoiding schooling as it hurt way too much during and to walk after and barely being able to ride in a dressage saddle ….
To in the last few years since Kara has kindly been supporting me and treating my knotted body…..
winning and getting placed nearly every time out last season dressage. Being able to ride 8-10 horses a days and still be able to walk afterwards..
Not even thinking about how I feel riding in a dressage saddle now I use them more often which is better for the horses, better for me and better for the owners and their horses results!

If you have aches and pains please do contact Kara asap, do not delay !!.

I use Kara and her fabulous hands and Sports Massage in conjunction with my Chiropractic Treatments with South West Chiropractic. The two work in harmony with each other and they both work with referral through to one another to fix the whole package !

Contact Kara on 07732 041981 for an appointment, she is based at the New Sport centre on Brinkworth Road, Wootton Bassett.