Clipping Aids

Feeding / Hay - I would advise to start without any Hay, Water or feed in the stable whilst clipping and with the bedding set back. If the horse is unsettled to start with we may try a haynet or failing that some feed (drip fed) :)

Holding a leg - If a horse is trying to kick out whilst clipping, you may need your assistance/ the horses handler to hold up a front leg so that the horse is unable to kick. The handler may also be required to hold a fore leg up and forward to enable us to get under the arm for those difficult to reach spots.

Twitch - There a number of different forms of twitch, you can just pinch and massage the nose to create a gentle relaxing twitch, you can pinch a small amount of skin on the neck for a stronger twitch or you can use a wooden or clasp twitch device, these should only be applied for short periods of time so as much as possible is done without the use of any twitch.

Sedation (paste) – If you know your horse is going to react badly to clipping, causing long time delays and possible injury please advise us before hand. Tara is able to sedate the horse using a small amount of mild sedative paste (after discussing with your vets). The paste is administered orally under the tongue about 2 hrs before the clipping is to be done, the horse must be left alone to relax during this time (Hay to be removed). During the period of sedation you will have a good few hours whilst the horse is ‘under’.

I can heavily advise if you require a dentist treatment , want to pull the horses mane, tail etc  and clip as well, knowing your horse needs sedation, that you arrange to have the time to do it whilst the horses is under sedation as this is not something I would advise doing regularly.

Sedation ( Veterinary assistance) - If your horse needs to be heavily sedated, please arrange for this to be booked in good time for the time of the clipping appointment.