Bovington BE event Aprtil 2015

This time taking both the B team boys on the same day , Fluffy in the BE90 was first up for dressage and  Tiny in the Novice was first up jumping.

Fluffy was performing a fabulous warm up feeling very soft and relaxed but then got a bit excited in the arena which was right next to the XC course ! We had a few green errors so I decided to correct them resulting in a few error of course marks but leaving him with the right idea to make sure he did things obediently and correctly.

This is a good lesson to learn, if something has gone completely wrong , best to just gather him together and start that movement again which then allows for the remainder of the test to get better marks….. After all this is a BE90 not a 1* test and at this stage I just want him to be obedient not Valegro !!

However Fluffle wuffles completely redeemed himself by having just 4 fts in the SJ and a superb clear XC with 3 time faults for going too fast !!!

Tiny was a good chap in the dressage but being a little bit tense with the excitement and the rugby pitch lines confusing me for the 3/4 line we lost a few marks for the leg yield as I didn’t show enough and had a few bouncy breaks into canter.. other than that he put in a solid test with lots more marks to be gained next time ! He then popped round the SJ with just 1 down which was pretty good looking at the store board ! But then did a fantastic round, round the XC ,just a minor approach error at the corner where I turned a bit early in my excitement after clearing the skinniest triple brush I’ve seen at novice with such ease ! He then completed the rest of the course with ease and made it feel tiny… Disappointing not to get a clear but he back to where he was 2 years ago if not further on as regards to his ability… Onwards and upwards and a very good sun shiny day was had by all 🙂