Whippet Puppies born on evening of St.Judes day storm !!

Male whippet puppies Dog pups x 4 for sale

Zizi’s beautiful puppies chose the worst night of the year to arrive, the evening of the big St.Judes day storms !!

5 big boys and a little girl are here and Zizi is a very happy girl snuggled up with her babies, which none of us can actually believe fitted in her poor whippy tummy !

There are 4 male pups that will be looking for homes so please give me a  call on 07754 183200 to come and visit ..


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H & D Massage of Calne Wiltshire

H & D Massage of Calne Wiltshire

Well today Desmond had his first Radio Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire whilst having a massage from Hannah of H & D Massage...

H&D Massage kindly gave Desmond his 2nd massage, which he thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

We asked Hannah and Diane to come and give him a massage in October 2012 when he tweaked a muscle taking a huge leap over a jump xc, combined with a saddle not fitting. He was very sore in his shoulders and through his back which was most unlike him as he is such a tough little cookie !, He completely relaxed throughout the massage after a slightly uptight start as he doesn;t like being manhandled and thought something awful was going to happen to him, he visibly spasm’d in the sore areas and also visably released and relaxed.  Des is not keen on Needles so Acupuncture was a no go and he also rather dislikes anything involving cables… So no laser or magnetopulse therapy was possible so we called in H & D Massage..

We have seen a vast improvement in his jumping technique and scope since his massage and change of saddle. So much so that he is due to do an event this weekend, who knows how he will cope with the crowds but hopefully he will love it !!

This week i had to ride him in another saddle once just for a ride out and he had obviously reacted badly to it and was feeling a bit tender when i scraped the water off after washing down so I spoke to Hannah and she suggested that we use him for their Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire.

We are praying that the massage has worked wonders and that Des will be comfortable and on smashing form and will be able to take in all the atmosphere at his event enough to concentrate on the Dressage Arenas, SJ and XC. …

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