Aston le Walls – Unaffiliated April 2015

This was by far the best run vent I have ever had the pleasure of attending !!

On the Friday an extra day was added meaning that there were less than normal amounts of entries.. So the genious that is Tissie Reason managed to add on ‘Clea Round’ HC SJ, SJ and XC or just XC.  So after a less than successful XC with Fluffy getting eliminated at the step at fence 6, we were allowed to go and get a new number pay to go XC and give it another shot at getting the horse around the course, literally 10 mins after having had to walk back.

Fantasticly Fluffy got his act together and whistled round the course clear, really enjoying himself and would have been band on optimum time. So in our eyes he gave me a super DOuble clear and we hoped that in his eyes is probably easier just to do everything first time rather than have to do it again !!!

Tiny was on the following day, the dressage was a little bit exciting being the first time out in 2 years to an event, however he pu his excitement to excellent use but performing a super double clear in the BE100 for his first run of the year and finished with just 3 time faults.